Working Together: How Horizon helped a national electrical contractor with a large multi-site supermarket project

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The Challenge

For the Project Co-ordinator at a large electrical contractor, ensuring a successful multi-site rollout with a major supermarket is a high stakes game. Each store has its own specification, and there can be hundreds of project elements on the go at the same time. It’s a chain of requirements that are often interlinked, and plans can have complex project dependencies that need to be in place for the contractor to move forward. Like all chains, it’s only as strong as its weakest link.

A stressed looking project coordinator and a quote explaining why its so difficult when running time sensitive projects

Agile and reliable supply of powered access is a necessary part of any electrical project involving a supermarket, with many of the services in the walls and ceilings. The need to access these hard-to-reach elements is one of the most vital parts of the work involved.  The Project Co-ordinator goes on: “Our job can see us working on lighting elements and security, as well as the important services needed to keep the supermarket products at the right temperature, and presented way the customer wants”.

Powered Access Supply

What is already a complex operation can be made more complicated by the supply chain. Not all powered access hire companies are created equal, and being let down is a constant source of risk and anxiety for many businesses who need to work at height.

The market for powered access hire is increasingly crowded, and includes large general-hire companies that often lack the responsiveness and flexibility of a specialist platform supplier. At the other end of the scale you have smaller companies, with no platforms of their own, no credentials or compliance in place, and little support for customers if something goes wrong. It’s just not that easy to find a hire company that can be relied on, when working for major retailers where compliance and responsible risk management is all important.

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The Horizon Difference

At Horizon Platforms, we pride ourselves on our fast, nationwide delivery, and adaptable approach to project requirements. We work closely with our customers, developing strong relationships and building trust by always coming through for them, time after time.

The Project Co-ordinator goes on, “Our latest work for a national Supermarket was tight on cost, so we had to put the powered access element out for tender. Horizon were always our first choice though, as we know we can always rely on them.”

One of the reasons Horizon were successful was due to the strong relationship between client and supplier. “The team there know us and know our needs, and we feel secure that once we’ve organised a delivery with Horizon, that’s at least one aspect of the project we don’t have to worry about. Which is useful as there are plenty of others to keep me up at night!”

A project coordinator looking pleased with the service on hiring access platforms with Horizon

Doing things Right

Large national retailers like the supermarkets have a vested interest in risk and reputation management, and expect people working in their supply chain to follow suite. Health and safety is critical issue, and in the event of an accident while working at height, scrutiny ofthe selection of powered access supply will be intense.

Horizon Platform’s approach to compliance and health and safety is industry leading and helps vaccinate customers against this sort of risk. Horizon invest in the best processes and procedures, exhibited by its ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 compliant systems; and possess a culture of health and safety firmly embedded in the business, managed by access industry expert Chris Wraith. This is part of why Horizon is becoming the preferred choice of the retailer support industry.

Can we help?

Have you got a complex project or a demanding schedule, and need powered access on site? If you want to work with us, we have an exceptional track record of delivering on challenging projects, backed up with all the credentials and compliance infrastructure in place to reassure you and your customers. Contact Us now for an informal chat.

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