Warrington Vs. Wakefield

Warrington vs. Wakefield… As I am sure you are fully aware, Horizon Platforms has recently expanded, not only its fleet, but the coverage it can now offer to all of its customers.

I have been working between both depots and it’s been great to hear that we are competing as a company (in a very friendly manner of course) for who has the most equipment on hire, who has opened the most accounts, and even down to who can answer the phone the fastest!

I believe I am in an unbiased position within the friendly feud, because I work from both our Wakefield and Warrington depots.  In my opinion the party that is winning the horizon battle may surprise some onlookers but the winner is………

The Customer!!!!

The customer can now receive the service that Horizon Platforms has built its success on through not just one location, but via Warrington too. We have always seen the customer as the pivotal key figure to Horizon’s success. I believe that the new Location in Warrington now enables Horizon to maintain this level of customer service, reliability and consistency even more throughout the North of England.

I will continue to maintain my non-biased position, and feed back with further development in the near future.

Luke Jones – Internal Account Manager

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