Working at Height: 5 Myths that are Simply Not True

Here at Horizon Platforms, we know working at height can pose significant health and safety risks. The competent use of MEWPs can minimise these risks, yet prevalent myths surrounding work at height can prove both problematic and dangerous. This includes misconceptions about procedures and equipment, and the spreading of such incorrect information may put workers at further risk. 

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What is the Best Boom Lift?

Boom lifts are a versatile type of aerial platform and as such, they can be used in a variety of applications. Offering excellent manoeuvrability, there are a wide selection of boom lifts to choose from, each with different power options, maximum height and maximum load capacity. As such, the best boom lift to hire depends on a range of factors, from the environment and terrain to the nature of the project and the height required. 

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Rack Pack: Your Solution to Forklift Fiascos and Missing MEWPs

From MEWP hire to employee training, your business has to navigate an array of planned expenses, but what about those unforeseen costs? Across the UK, the average employee loses 12 days a year thanks to IT and equipment failure, while illness and injury led to the loss of more than 28 million working days in 2018/19. When you consider this, can your company afford any further delays?

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