Rack Pack: Your Solution to Forklift Fiascos and Missing MEWPs

From MEWP hire to employee training, your business has to navigate an array of planned expenses, but what about those unforeseen costs? Across the UK, the average employee loses 12 days a year thanks to IT and equipment failure, while illness and injury led to the loss of more than 28 million working days in 2018/19. When you consider this, can your company afford any further delays?

When the rhythm of life misses a beat, it costs you money, time and reputation. This is especially true when it comes to racking installation and maintenance, where late scissor lift and forklift rental can strain budgets and leave you scrambling to meet tight timescales. This kick in the head is something none of us want to experience, and what’s more, it’s completely unnecessary. 

Chris Wraith, a H&S advisor and a powered access specialist with more than 30 years of industry experience, highlights the implications of equipment delays: “Those working in the racking industry need the right machine, at the right time, with the right support. When you’re working on a fixed contract over a set time period and at a defined price, any unexpected expense or delay presents a problem.”

The Age-Old Racking Problem

Late equipment is an all too-common occurrence within the racking industry, and it’s the same issues that arise, time and time again: you negotiate, secure the contract, arrange scissor lift and forklift rental, and before you know it, the date arrives. The racking turns up on site as planned; the forklift truck is on the lorry just around the corner and your team are prepared, ready and waiting to go. But all of a sudden, you get a call. Your scissor lift has been delayed. Everything gets pushed back. You’re left with that pitted feeling in your stomach as the client calls for an update and you have to break the news of a costly delay. 

Chris breaks this down: “One of your machines may be due to arrive at 8am, but depending on which rental company you choose, they may have four or five deliveries for the same time. While Horizon guarantees timed delivery choosing the wrong supplier may mean your delivery is delayed without notice, so you’re losing at least half a day. When you start adding up labour costs, this downtime can be quite significant.”

But what if there was another way? A better way? That allowed you to do it your way?

The All-in-One Rack Pack Solution

As MEWP experts, we know the challenges Racking Installers face, inside and out. That’s why we’ve tackled the problem of racking installation hire reliability head on with the Rack Pack. This new all-in-one service offers forklifts and scissor lifts  with one call, one cost, from one reliable supplier.

Chris Wraith elaborates: “The Rack Pack addresses the issues caused by having to manage multiple suppliers for the machines used during racking installation. Dealing with one supplier for everything, rather than one forklift supplier and potentially several scissor lift hire companies, meaning  it’s all coming from one source. With one point of contact, you’ll have the equipment there and ready when you need it, so the job can run smoothly.”

We’re the first access platform supplier in the UK to offer both scissor lifts and forklifts together, in one innovative package. This means you don’t have to worry about delays and can focus on creating first-rate racking solutions for your clients. After all, you’re nobody till somebody trusts their business with you.

Choose the Racking Installation Experts

Our all-in-one solution features all the things that make us the leader in access platform hire. Our IPAF Rental+ GOLD accreditation guarantees the highest levels of service and equipment, with a high-quality fleet that’s maintained to the best possible standards, as Chris explains:

“Because of Horizon’s IPAF Rental+ GOLD accreditation, you can rely on quality… The quality of the supplier, the quality of the product and the quality of service, all adds up to a more relaxed process and working environment. This includes repairs. If you’re hiring a machine from another supplier and it breaks down, it may be 24 hours before they can send someone out. At Horizon, a qualified specialist can be on-site within two hours.”

You’ll also benefit from a dedicated account manager who knows you and your business, offering personalised support when you need it most:

“When you call many national rental companies, you get put through to a centralised call centre… This can cause issues as they don’t know the logistics of the area or fully understand your situation. Horizon provides a dedicated advisor at the end of the phone, who knows your background, your history and can assist you fully, which is a significant advantage. There’s nothing worse than having to repeat yourself and go over your issue with someone new — this only makes the situation worse and adds to your frustration.”

The Rack Pack Fleet

Our extensive Rack Pack fleet includes a wide range of forklifts and scissor lifts for rent, including high-capacity and narrow machines, all with flexible rental terms. What’s more, we guarantee timed deliveries and offer a fixed delivery charge across the UK, so there’s no hidden costs.

Chris emphasises the importance of choosing the right machines: “When working in a warehouse, you’ll need two types of machines: gas-powered and electric. At Horizon, larger gas machines are available with weight capacities exceeding 800kg, allowing you to lift a lot of materials and work more efficiently. The second is narrow electric machines. These are required for small aisles between racking, but different machines and manufacturers offer different battery life. Horizon offers JLG electric machines, which provide the longest battery life, hence minimising downtime and charge times.”

Whatever your warehouse and racking installation needs, you can rely on the Rack Pack. Get in touch with our friendly and professional team today for equipment that won’t let you down. 

Chris Wraith has worked in the powered access industry since 1988 and held a variety of positions, including the Technical and Safety Executive at IPAF from 2011 to 2017. Across the last three decades, his committee work with bodies at the HSE has significantly contributed to the creation of guidance, safe practice and standards for the safe use of powered access platforms throughout the industry.

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