Now that’s what I call Nifty!

Horizon Platforms have invested heavily (yet again!), in new equipment this year, with a large sum being spent on a particular range of products.  I’m sure you are all aware that at one point or another you have tried to hire or have hired one of the NiftyLift range of booms.  The product itself is revolutionary for warehousing, industrial and also construction work.

All of the equipment we purchase from NiftyLift is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.  Machines also have non-marking tyres as well as a huge outreach and the NiftyLift trade mark narrow machine width.  I think we can all agree that that this investment is money well spent.  The substantial order will give Horizon Platforms the breathing room it often requires to meet customers’ demands, along with allowing us to be able to satisfy more orders at the high level of customer service you have all come to expect.

NiftyLift HR17NDE
NiftyLift HR17NDE

I have no doubt that I will be taking a look at the new machines as they arrive, and also checking out the Anti-entrapment device which has been fitted to each of the machines (HR15NDEHR17NDE and HR21 Hybrid).  I need to be quick if I don’t want to miss out on a viewing of the brand new machines though, as demand is high and I am sure the machines will be out on hire as fast as they come in.


Luke Jones – Internal Account Manager

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