Horizon’s First 5 Aside

The Wakefield Football Centre hosted Horizon Platforms’ first ‘friendly’ 5 aside match this Wednesday night.  Names were drawn out of a hat to make up two teams, the Reds being lead by captain Damian Edge, whilst Tom Brook took charge of the Whites.  Fourteen of the Horizon staff took part in all, each putting in a great effort considering the very hot and humid conditions.

Team Captain Edge on the counter attack!
Team Captain Edge on the counter attack!

Glory came by some margin to the White’s, with Brook, Fray and Smart displaying outstanding skills.  However, the ‘man of the match’ award was presented to Michael Backhouse also from the White Team, who looks forward to his 60th birthday this September.  Mick put in a solid performance throughout the game, contributing reliable footwork with great defensive efforts.

All who took part wish to thank Ben Hughes for organising the event and now look forward to many more challenging battles!


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