Harnesses and MEWP’s

The use of a harness and lanyard in a MEWP often causes much confusion.  It raises questions such as:

  • Should I use a harness in a scissor lift?
  • What type of harness should I use?
  • Can you use a fall arrest lanyard in a MEWP?
  • Can I leave the platform whilst still anchored inside the basket?

Lack of knowledge and understanding can often lead to misuse or negligence.

The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) recommends the use of a full body harness and an adjustable restraint lanyard in all boom type machines.  Some useful information can be found here http://www.ipaf.org/fileadmin/user_upload/documents/en/H10812.pdf

For further information or advice on the use of harnesses in MEWP’s, please feel free to contact Vicki.crowe@horizonplatforms.co.uk

A selection of harness and lanyard kits can be purchased from Horizon Platforms http://www.horizonplatforms.co.uk/2-Point-Safety-Harness-and-Adjustable-Lanyard.html#productPage Please contact us for more information.

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