DHL and Horizon Platforms: A Partnership Built on Excellence

DHL and Horizon Platforms. A partnership built on excellence

The Background

DHL is one of the largest logistics companies in the world. With almost 400,000 employees operating in 220 countries, DHL delivers 1.5 billion parcels every year. The company has an extensive presence in the UK, and offer an ever-expanding range of products and services to businesses and individuals. For several years DHL have partnered with Horizon Platforms for hire of scissor lifts and cherry pickers.

The Challenge

One of DHL’s fastest growing areas is the provision of warehousing solutions to online businesses. To increase efficiency and offer an improved service level, DHL provide support to a diverse range of companies. From storage and order picking, through to despatch. This end-to-end-service can even include delivery and returns management.

A close link between stock control and front-end e-commerce is vital, as a disconnect can result in disappointing service. Accepting an order when out of stock can be embarrassing and result in poor customer experience. However, pausing operations to run stock checking exercises is problematic, because this often results in lost time.

DHL often run stock checking exercises like this, operating annual, six-monthly and quarterly checks for clients. Spot checks are common and can involve a basic count of full pallets, through to thorough checks of every item on every single pallet.

These are usually conducted over the weekend, concluding by Monday morning at the latest. That way their customers avoid any loss of trading. So with such an intense focus on time and a limited window of opportunity, things must proceed smoothly for DHL to deliver.

How Horizon Help DHL to succeed

Horizon Platforms have been an approved DHL supplier for many years, and have recently agreed a new long term contract extension. Previously as a regional supplier, and more recently operating at a national level, covering the entirety of the UK.

Horizon aims to be the most responsive and reliable Powered Access supplier in the industry. An aspiration that it succeeds at, with over 96% of deliveries on time, exceptionally high customer service scores, and a solid base of loyal customers. Horizon is also one of the most accredited and compliant hire companies in the industry. With DHL, the ability to offer same day/next day delivery, and the consistent supply of a safe reliable service has built a strong relationship between the two companies.

How DHL benefit for the expertise at Horizon Platforms with hire of scissor lifts.

So, regardless of MEWP type, location or timescales, Horizon is committed to DHL’s success. Horizon understand the time pressure involved and the tight parameters of these difficult stock-taking programmes. Horizon’s team are dedicated to getting the right machine there on time, fully charged and ready to go. As a Supply Chain Manager within DHL says, “I can’t afford any mistakes, and that’s why I choose Horizon.”

Can we help you?

Horizon is committed to delivering high-quality service to all our customers. We can use our expertise to take the stress and risk out of the hire of scissor lifts and other MEWPs. So, if timescales are tight, and you need a hire solution that you can rely on, why not contact us now and talk through your requirement?

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