Netto Scissor Lift Hire


Horizon scissor lifts play a part in Netto’s return to UK retailing 

By Matt Fray, Horizon Account Manager

Horizon scissor lifts are playing a part in Netto’s return to discount retailing in the UK.

Over the past 12 months, more than a dozen electric scissor lifts have been used in the construction and fit out of new Netto stores in Doncaster, Glossop, Sheffield and Ellesmere Port. A further four machines are currently onsite at Leeds and Hull.  An initial 15 new outlets will be built around the M62 corridor by the end of the year in a move designed to test how well the discount supermarkets will be received by shoppers in the north of England. If things go to plan, more stores will be opened throughout the UK.

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Cyclist safety system for Horizon HGVs



Driving up road safety standards – Horizon delivery vehicles CLOC up new safety features to protect cyclists

By Gary Whittaker, Operational Systems & Projects Manager

To the untrained eye, it may not be immediately apparent that Horizon’s fleet of delivery vehicles has undergone a makeover. On closer inspection, however, you may be able to spot some small but very important new road safety features designed to protect cyclists: onboard cameras, blind spot proximity sensors, side under-run guards and audible warning alarms.

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Cherry pickers raise the roof at Download Festival

Horizon cherry pickers rocking it up at the Download Festival

By Vicki Crowe, Horizon Platforms Account manager

I’ve never been to the famous Download Festival at Donington Park, but I’m proud to say that some of our cherry pickers made their debut there this year!

Download – the UK’s increasingly popular five-day rock festival – took place over a long June weekend with well-known headliners, Slipknot, Muse and Kiss taking to the stage on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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Horizon plays its part in the creation of the Airbus A350

Horizon plays its part in the creation of the Airbus A350

By Vicki Crowe, Account Manager for Horizon Platforms


There is no doubt that the whole is generally greater than the sum of its parts – especially when it comes to the creation of something as awe-inspiring as the Airbus A350 – but I do think it’s important sometimes to pause and reflect on just how many different ‘parts’ – both people and machines – are involved in the creation of the finished product.

Horizon Platforms is just one of hundreds of companies involved in helping Airbus create its latest, greenest and most advanced aircraft – the A350 XWB.

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A sprinkling of safety from Horizon

A sprinkling of safety from Horizon   

By Vicki Crowe, Account Manager for Horizon Platform

I’ve always considered myself to be a jack of all trades and master of none. Recently, however,  I’m finding that I need to revisit that assumption as I become increasingly absorbed in the wonderful world of sprinkler systems!

As an Account Manager for Horizon Platforms, I work with a broad range of businesses who wish to hire a powered access platform from Horizon– such as scissor lifts and cherry pickers. I like to think I have a close working relationship with all of my clients, but when I was offered the chance to see behind the scenes at AD Sprinkler Protection Ltd, I jumped at the chance to learn more about the sector, particularly as I’ve recently been given responsibility for contracts within the fire sprinkler industry. Read more “A sprinkling of safety from Horizon”