Another brand new Truck!

Ordinarily there isn’t much to look forward to at this time of year. We’re at the end of the holiday season, much colder weather is upon us, and the expense of Christmas is just 85 days around the corner.

But at Horizon we certainly have something to look forward to! Our brand new truck has arrived and is all set to make its very first delivery tomorrow.  Our drivers have been falling over themselves to be the driver of this brand new truck, but only one driver can drive it!  Mick McGarry, driver at Wakefield will run the truck on routes in and around Yorkshire.

The new truck will service deliveries from our Wakefield depot, meaning we can get even more machines out to our customers on time every time.  Our new truck can carry individual access platforms such as a 32ft Diesel Scissor, HR12 or even a Star 10! The truck is under 7.5 tonnes so can use most weight restricted roads resulting in great flexibility.  The truck has also been retro-fitted with Fall Arrest.  For those who don’t know, Fall Arrest is a device that prevents the driver falling from the side of the truck bed.  Safety is something we take seriously at Horizon and this added extra on the truck has previously proved to be a hit with our customers who take safety as serious as ourselves. Horizon's Brand New Truck

Key benefits of our brand new vehicle include;

First Impressions – Our brand new truck looks the part on any site

Flexibility – The truck weighs under 7.5 tonnes and can travel on most weight restricted roads

Safety – The added extra Fall Arrest, prevents falls from the truck bed

Logistics – A further truck to the fleet means more deliveries can be made

Reliability – A brand new truck with very few miles on the clock means no transport breakdowns costing you money

With all these benefits to you as a valuable customer, we really pull out all of the stops to be your No. 1 Access Supplier.   If you haven’t given us a go yet, give us a try!

Emma Hyman – Sales & Marketing

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