A Festive Thought from Horizon….

It was the month of Christmas and excitement was in the air,
Looking forward to receiving presents, and sitting in your rocking Chair,
Good times with your families and far too much to drink,
A Two week break from work, or that’s what some people think

You’re sitting at home and you hear the phone go ring ring,
“You need to come into work and a tool set you must bring”
You’re on your way wondering what they called you in for
Could it be weather damage or a light out in a retail store,
You get to the job and look straight up in the air
It’s a light out at 5 meters high, but the manager doesn’t care
“It’s got to be replaced; it’s our busiest week of the year”
Who’s open at this time it’s between Xmas and new year.
I try my usual suppliers; Offices are closed call back on the 2nd
I just can’t wait that long or else I wouldn’t have been beckoned,
But then I dial a number and finally hear ring ring
Good Morning Horizon Platforms can I help you with anything
At last a sound that brought a tear to my eye
We can get one there in an hour, thank you very much and goodbye.
The scissor lift arrived and I was finished within an hour
I’m glad I contacted horizon my new powered access supplier.

Luke Jones – Internal Account Manager

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