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A Trustpilot Milestone

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This week we’re celebrating review number 100 on Trustpilot. Earlier this year, we began asking our customers for Trustpilot feedback, and we’ve been delighted with the response we’ve had so far. 

We wanted to be transparent with customers and use any feedback we received to celebrate successes and challenge ourselves to always be better. Over the last few months, the reviews that we’ve had have played a vital role. They’ve helped us in assessing our service offer, seeing what is working well and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Performance Review

So, how have we been doing? Well, 92% of the customers who took the time to write a review, gave Horizon a full 5 stars. As an employee-owned business, many of the comments they gave are a source of great pride amongst our team, and we regularly share them within the business. A further 6% of reviews were at 4-star level, and contained some very constructive points for improvement.

Our reviews so far

All in all, it has been incredibly gratifying to see such a positive set of reviews. That said, it was impossible for us to ignore…

The Elephant in the Room

The reviews that often stick in our mind most are where customers felt let down by us.  As co-owners of our business, we tend to feel these ones most acutely. That said, we try and approach things in a positive, proactive way. Firstly, the focus is always to try and resolve things to the customer’s satisfaction as much as possible. Then, our attention turns to reflection and lessons learnt. 

Here our Chief Operating Officer, Adrian Bleasdale, describes how we approached the 1-star review we received:

“I personally call every single customer who leaves a review with a rating below 5 stars. I do this to understand how we can make improvements that would further enhance the great experience we can and do give to our customers. In this instance, the customer has had a number of hires from us, and in fact has left two Trustpilot reviews, one of which was 4 stars. So why did the customer leave a 1-star review? Basically, because he was frustrated and fed up over an issue that we hadn’t communicated particularly well on. I apologised on behalf of everyone at Horizon – in essence we hadn’t followed our complaints procedure properly, so this slipped through the net.”

Adrian continues: “Since we received the customer’s feedback, we examined our process carefully, saw where we’d gone wrong, and identified an opportunity for improvement.  We deeply regret the inconvenience the customer experienced but were determined to maximise the learning potential.  We are confident that we have responded in the right way, and the customer has agreed to let us prove that to them. They have gone on to place new hires with us, and we intend to reward their faith in Horizon with a return to exceptional service.”

In Conclusion

So, while it may be only 1 out of 100, we take all reviews incredibly seriously.  All Horizon Co-owners would like to thank each and every one of our reviewers for taking the time to contribute their thoughts. We aspire to be the best in powered access, and the role your feedback plays in that cannot be overemphasised.

You can read more of our reviews here.

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